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Sports Massage & Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy is not delivered in a generic way, so we don't have a "menu of services."

Everybody is unique and therefore every treatment will be tailored to suit your needs. For example, if you come for a relaxation massage your treatment will be very different to someone seeking help with an acute knee injury. We will discuss your goals and expectations at the start of every treatment.



Our treatment philosophy includes these three key components;

1) Treatment: Hands-on manual therapy (massage, stretching, strengthening) to manipulate the soft tissue to meet our goals, for instance reduce pain or gain more range of movement. Depending on why you have come, this might be 90% massage, for another person, it might be 50% exercise therapy to get the body moving. And so on.

2) Education: We want you to leave the session with more knowledge about your condition and how to handle it, with information but also concepts, like the fact that to make progress you don't have to be extreme, just consistent.

3) Tools: Following on from education, We want you to have the tools to help yourself. Whether it be a set of stretches to include in your daily routine, gym exercises to modify, or a set of reading materials to further your understanding, you will leave each treatment armed with more tools to help you manage your condition in between appointments.

Rotator cuff kinesioogy taping, sports massage techniques for pan relief and movement restriction
Rotator cuff kinesioogy taping 4_edited.
Things I love - sports massage, fitness, gymnastics, handstands and circus...

“You don’t have  to be extreme, just consistent.”

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