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Sports Massage

Not just for athletes, this medium-strong pressure massage is a specialist treatment for a specific injury or concern.

From trapped nerves to ankle sprains, our qualified professionals will assess your condition and help you get back on track.

This treatment can also play a vital role in your preparation of and recovery from events such as the London Marathon by staying on top of niggles and therefore helping to mitigate the risk of injury.

Sports Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

This powerful massage delivered with strong pressure will target specific areas of tension and stiffness. Our professionals will assess your condition, perform treatment and provide you with exercise suggestions to ease your discomfort and promote improvement over the long term. You may have chronically stiff and sore muscles that are affecting your movement and thus quality of life. This treatment will help you on your journey of being pain-free. 

Deep tissue massage

Relaxation Massage

This relaxing massage will be a gentle, mindful massage for when you need a little self-care. If you have some tension from stress or tiredness, this nurturing massage applied with a light-medium pressure will help to calm the nervous system and soothe a busy mind. 

Relaxation massage

Physiotherapy (with Bethany Shum)

Beth wants to support you to heal and recover quicker with movement so you won’t need to Google: "How long does it take to recovery from [Your condition]” and suffer with anxiety and uncertainty around your pain and injury. For an expert look at your condition, book a session with Beth.

Bethany Shum Physio


Our treatment philosophy includes these three key components;

1) Treatment: Hands-on manual therapy (massage, stretching, strengthening) to manipulate the soft tissue to meet our goals, for instance reduce pain or gain more range of movement. Depending on why you have come, this might be 90% massage, for another person, it might be 50% exercise therapy to get the body moving. And so on.

2) Education: We want you to leave the session with more knowledge about your condition and how to handle it, with information but also concepts, like the fact that to make progress you don't have to be extreme, just consistent.

3) Tools: Following on from education, We want you to have the tools to help yourself. Whether it be a set of stretches to include in your daily routine, gym exercises to modify, or a set of reading materials to further your understanding, you will leave each treatment armed with more tools to help you manage your condition in between appointments.


Get your body in the best shape it can be so you can perform to your maximum potential. Use Sports Massage as you prepare for competition, or to fine tune your flexibility and mobility.

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